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Our Volkshochschule offers integration courses for immigrants. 

These courses are structured in accordance with federal regulations. A general integration course comprises a total of 660 lessons (600 lessons German language course and 60 lessons orientation course).
The language course consists of 6 modules (proficiency levels A1 - B1). The course will enable you to pass the final examination.
In the orientation course you will study the German legal system, culture, and history. There will also be a final examination.
There are special types of integration courses offered as well, e.g. for women, young adults, parents as well as courses including literacy skills for those who do not have the necessary reading and/or writing skills. These courses comprise a total of 900 language lessons and 60 lessons orientation course.
The integration courses are planned and organized by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. 

Contact persons:

Nina Borcherding
Svetlana Senger
Anke Hummert
Jeanette Schofeld
Martina Kottenbrink